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vUltrasonic radiation gets rid of rodents, insects and many other pests.


vUltrasonic pest controlling system with multi-frequency modulated sounds.


vDoesn’t kill rodents and insects – It drives them out!


vNo toxic chemicals or messy traps, SAFE and CLEAN.


vHarmless to humans and most household pets.

VH 988


1.  This device automatically changes the frequency 1~60 times a second, assuring

    complete coverage of all the communication frequencies of rodents insects and many

    other pests, and make them not get used to the Ultrasonic waves.


2.  It eliminates pests by using electronic method which is more sanitary and economical

    than chemical poison method.


3.  These remarkable units will not interfere with any electronic burglar alarms, fire or

     smoke detectors, radio, TV reception or other electronic equipments.


4.  It emitted the modulated frequencies which sweep automatically from 20 KHz to 65

    KHz that repulses pests.


5.  Obvious effects appear within 2 to 4 weeks after the installation, then continual use

    the Rat Expeller will prevent further nesting and inhabitation.


The only high-powered Ultrasonic Rat Expeller with special “Multiplex Modulated Sweeping Ultrasonic Sounds” designed and manufactured by us. These high intensity Ultrasonic sound waves (20~65 KHz) are out of the range of hearing of humans are most household pets, but pests. These nerve-crushing sounds (to rodents and insects) directly pent rate their brain and nervous systems causing them severe pain and discomfort, and make them uneasy in the voluntary repulsion against Ultrasonic wave areas and pests are impossible to stay at such radiated areas.


VH 988

Multiplex Frequency

10~ 65 KHz

Sound Pressure


Maximum Coverage Area

4,000 Square Feet

Dimension (LxWxH)  (mm)

180 x 60 x 112





Design and technical specification subject to change for improvement without prior notice.

Rat Expeller